Meeting and Event Space


How to rent meeting space at LCHEC

If you have an event that you would like to hold at LCHEC, please call LCHEC staff at 512-556-8226 for more information and scheduling.

 Meeting Space Rate                                         Discount Rate                                                   for nonprofits

 Classroom                            $20/hour                                  $20/hour
                                                  2 hour minimum                      no minimum

Interactive Video
Conference Room
                  $90/hour                                $50/hour

A $50 deposit is required.
The deposit is refundable upon acceptable facility inspection after the event.

Building Policies


Animals and pets, other than service animals, are not permitted at LCHEC.

If your child accompanies you to LCHEC, please keep him or her with you and under your supervision at all times. LCHEC cannot accept responsibility, or liability, for children left unattended at the Center, the grounds, computer labs, or administrative offices.

Food and Drink
Food and drinks are not allowed in the computer lab.

Lost and Found
The lost and found is located in the LCHEC office, room 10.

Signs and Postings
No signs or posters should be taped or otherwise affixed to the walls, doors or windows without permission. All postings must be approved by staff at the Lampasas County Higher Education Center office.


The Lampasas County Higher Education Center is a smoke-free campus.

There will be no unauthorized solicitations on the campus.

Weapons on Campus
Texas Law (Penal Code 46.03) prohibits the possession of a firearm, illegal knife, or prohibited weapon (as defined) on the grounds of an educational institution. Possession of any weapon or firearm on campus is a third degree felony. In addition, LCHEC policy also prohibits concealed license holders from concealing and openly carrying firearms on campus per Sec. 30.06 and Sec. 30.07 of the Texas penal code.