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Proctor Fee


Does your test require a proctor? 

LCHEC staff can proctor exams for Central Texas College, Open Academy, NCCT, NHA, the TSI Assessment, TTUISD and other universities.

Scheduling your exam

Please call 512-556-8226 to schedule your exam.

Fees for Proctor Services 

Exam fees must be paid with cash, check or money order to LCHEC before the exam.  All test fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice.


NOTE: The testing room is a confined space. Do not apply heavy cologne, perfume, or scented lotions or smoke before testing. Many students are sensitive to smells and chemicals and will experience allergic reactions if exposed. It also creates an unpleasant testing environment for other students as it is impossible to “air out” the testing rooms between visits. Violators will be asked to reschedule their exam.

Reschedule Fee/No-show Fee

If you miss your appointment and do not call to cancel, a $20 rescheduling fee will be added to your next proctor fee. 


Proctor Fee


TSI Assessment   

             (Photo ID Required)  

$20 per section
$60 for entire exam

 College and Other Exams

           (Photo ID Required)   


$20 per scheduled hour
Minimum 1 hr

  • Fees for proctoring services are based on the allotted time set by your school.

  • Mail or courier (e.g., FedEx) fees may apply if hard copies of the test must be returned to the institution.

   NHA Certification Exams
              (Photo ID Required)

Group 1
  Certified Phlebotomy Tech (CPT)
  Certified EKG Tech (CET)
  Certified Medical Admin Asst (CMAA)
  Certified Patient Care Tech/Asst (CPCT/A)
  Certified Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCS)

Group 2
  Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)

$20 For Group 1 Exams

$30 For Group 2 Exams

  • Must be scheduled at least 8 days in advance.

  • Students will pay NHA directly for the exam fee at the time of registration.

  • The proctor fee is due to LCHEC on the day of the exam.

LCHEC Testing Center

M-TH      10:15AM-4PM